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Reading – February 2018

This is a summary of non-Computer Science related books I’ve completed in February. As you may remember, at the beginning of this year I decided to increase my reading, with a goal of reading minimum 50 pages a day.

For February, I’ve read 1672 pages, with the average 60 pages/day, and completed 7 books. My best day was 113 pages, while my worst was about 20 pages during February.

For 2018, so far I’ve read 3615 pages, with the average 61 pages/day, and completed 15 books.


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Reading – January 2018


Below is the list of books I’ve completed in February:


Reading – January 2018

We live in the interesting times. The information is available to us through various media. Yes, we are bombarded by the information, and the noise can suppress the valuable bits of it. But it is still there, available for us (as conscious beings, as humans) to absorb it in our limited lifespan.

Getting closer to the end of the 2017, the idea of limited time had sunk in me. Being present here, on a habitable planet, in a solar system, in some corner of the galaxy, in some part of the universe, made me appreciate the time we were given. Let’s call it a resolution (not my favorite word), while my brain functions I decided to learn something new every day.

I decided to increase my reading. To be honest, I was never a fan of reading. I was too picky in the selection of the topics. Growing up, I was more interested in history and science related books rather than fiction. I would generally spend a month or two over a book. In the last couple years I’ve been intensively reading various Computer Science related books (e.g., topics like Python, Data Science, Algorithms, etc.) on a laptop screen. Now I am capable of reading the books on an iPad or on my phone without much discomfort. Compared to the paperback, I am even more productive with the electronic versions of the books. I’ve set a goal of reading minimum 50 pages a day of not CS / IT related books. To be realistic, it wasn’t always possible to meet the goal (life happens). My best day was 219 pages, while my worst was about 10 pages. In January I’ve read 1943 pages, with the average 63 pages/day, and completed 8 books.

Below is the list of books I’ve completed in January: